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jonathan ricohermoso

pd po help ned q lang po kc ng history ng salted egg .. pd po bang matulongan nyo me...
gumagawa po kc ako ng business plan e ..salted egg po ang fiel q forward noy naman po yong business plan

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jonathan ricohermoso



more amazing photos Sidney


Thanks Sidney for sharing this process. I think your blog is really very informative and I'm sure many of your posts can be used as reference for education. Keep up the good work!

sexy mom

information doubled with pictures - and what do you get? sidney's creations! makes learning interesting. oh! if this were the way classroom teaching is done...

anyway, at what point are the eggs painted red? i wonder.


I love this series on the eggs. They seem like such an integral part of life there. So very interesting and documented so very well through your photos.


Sidny - ought to have your own show much like teh TV show " HOW DO THEY DO THAT?" :) Educational indeed :)


Nice work, I like how you tell stories of local scenes and bring them to the world through your photographs and the internet.

It seems like kind of a dreary place to work.

Otto K.

Wonderful set, Sidney. I learn so much here. :)


Cool reportage, Sidney! Very nice series.

Mike Dougan

So the eggs are un-cooked when they are salted? or does the salting process turn them into hard eggs?
Very interesting series of images! quite amazed at what effort goes into those salted eggs.


Does that give them time to be a bit fermented too? The guys look as though they enjoyed helping you photograph this series of photos.


Can I order some of these? I'd like to try some.


very informative as always,eggs in mud and salt, they must have an "earthy" taste

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

Sheesh doesn't look like the most hygienic of procedures but hell I'd still eat them! Phil


As always amazing and interesting Sidney - you capture them so well - thanks for sharing:-)


hmmm...i guess it helps that their sweat is mixed in as well. hehe.

Chris Vallancourt

I certainly admire your willingness to photograph where others might not tread.


very nice serie! a impressive reportage!


This serie is amazing ! The first pics where they have their arms in the mixture are just tremendous.


I love this series! We get to see behind the scenes.


Et l'hygiène?
Bonne journée ;-)


Have you tried them yourself?

Gérard Méry

I did not know this way of preparing eggs a discovery


That's interesting, I would love to taste all these different eggs. Not so sure about the baluts though.
There seems to be a great variety, compared to our pickled eggs in Europe.

Great photos and descriptions, as usual!

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